Awura Amba

Awra Amba is located in south Gondar Zone of the Amhara National Regional State, Fogera electorate and can be reached by spinning right onto the Woreta Woldia road about 68 km from Bahir Dar. Awra Amba is a small community consisting of 104 households with 388 total people. The total land hold of the population is less than 18 hectares. They are all from Amhara Ethnic group. While they do not follow any religious denomination, they do believe in the inventor. The members of the community have been settled at Awra Amba since 1972. The community lifestyle was not different from the rest of Amhara people. But after ten years, the founder of the community, Zumra Nuru , came up with a new concept of work , faith, culture and lifestyle. He convinced the members of the community about his vision. After few years’ permanent discussion, his application has got approval by all members of the community, and then the community as a whole prepared guiding principles that they decided to follow and be governed with. Since then, the people of Awra Amba have lived according to these principles and they have thrived along. Some Guiding principles of the community are:-Marriage is to be made after 18 years of birth, There should not be gender intolerance in the community, Harmful and undesired traditional practices are all predestined, Everybody contribute labor according to his/her ability in material production and shares on equal terms. The Disabled and mature are permitted to equal sharing the society production, Theft, chitchat, Begging and disloyalty are all forbidden.

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